August 16th, 2005


The Mighty Wurlitzer sounds an off note

If there's any comfort we (and by we, I mean America-hating communist liberals like myself and most of the people reading this) can take from the second term of George W. Bush, it's that even now, he's putting the "lame" in "lame duck". Faced with a Senate full of fellow Republicans who are either facing re-election or forming presidential designs of their own, Bush, whose approval ratings are at a record low for a sitting President at this point in his term (he's even beating Nixon!), is suddenly unable to get any legislation passed whatsoever. Looking at his abysmal poll numbers, even his most loyal partisans on Capitol Hill are starting to wonder if the guy is kind of a fuck-up. Social Security "reform" is dead in the water; the emergency fatten-the-rich backup to Social Security "reform", a repeal of the inheritance tax, seems likewise doomed; and the economy gurgles along with little to no help or hindrance from the man in the Oval Office. He'll still be able to do plenty of harm, of course; like all lame ducks, he'll manage to find ways to fuck things up with executive orders. But given his rather dismal records in the areas of domestic policy, economic reform, the environment, foreign affairs and social issues, it's more than likely that his "legacy" will consist of having started a war in Iraq that pretty much everyone seems to agree is a washout.

Best of all (from my perspective, at least, as a right-wing opinion junkie), even his toadies in the neo-con media are starting to get ballsy enough to gainsay him. Take a look at today's Town Hall: Peter Brookes tells the Pentagon to quit fucking around in the Near East and pay attention to China; Suzanne Fields warns her fellow right-wingers to cut out all the hysteria over stem cells; Mark Tapscott bitches that the GOP are "spending federal tax dollars like drunken sailors"; and even stalwarts like Cal Thomas are urging the President to quit ducking Cindy Sheehan. (Of course, Thomas wants Bush to convince her the war was the right thing to do, but he does criticize Bush for essentially hiding from the bereaved mother.) Even the unflappable Armstrong Williams has come to his senses and now thinks the Iraq war is a disaster we'd best soon be shed of.

Of course, there's no such thing as a miracle, and all these articles are buried in the usual tripe like state-sanctioned harridan Phyllis Schafly griping about how the queers are taking over our schools, full-time windbag David Limbaugh urging President Shithead to stay the course, and professional office snitch Mike Adams exposing the horrors of "The University of Nude Copulating Asians".

But it's a start.
now I get it

The things I do for you people

So, part of my massive icon expansion includes the long-anticipated "pictures of male porn stars taken out of context" set. A few notes about this set.

1. It took a really, really long time to collect this set.

2. It also took a really, really huge amount of wading through extremely unpleasant porn sites. I saw more dicks than since I went to the 1984 Republican National Convention.

3. If you do a Google search for "male porn stars", well...let's just say that in straight porn, the man is essentially a prop. So most of the hits you get are for dudes fucking other dudes. Now, I'm no homophobe -- it's not that I was grossed out by this or anything. I'm just saying: preparing this icon set involved more looking at dudes fucking other dudes than I ever thought I would do.

4. Male porn stars, as a rule, are not attractive people.

5. Even with the "block pop-ups" feature turned on in Safari, the search for these icons caused my computer to crash no less than three times.

6. It was quite difficult (I was gonna say "hard") to find pictures of some of these guys that weren't in "context". If you follow me.

7. I never, ever want to do this again, because it was not pleasant.

Other things I learned while gathering these icons: guns are not expressive and are in fact kinda boring to look at; looking at hundreds of cereal boxes makes me hungry; and for some reason, there seems to be no place on the internet where I can find Mr. Show screencaps.

By the way, this is unquestionably my very favorite icon of all time. I just love it to death. I thought about making it my default icon, but I feel its effectiveness is enhanced by rare usage. Just TRY and make that face, I dare you! You can't!