September 7th, 2005

stella stella can't you hear me yella

Whorsin' Around

Two things:

1. You have until this weekend to make a pitch for issue #6 of the High Hat. Judging from what we've gotten so far, if you get in, you'll be in very good company indeed.

2. Do you live in, around, or within a thousand miles of St. Paul, MN? If so, get your ass in gear and head for TEATIME AT THE TURF. It's a literary reading sponsored by Pindeldyboz and hosted by my gal ninafarina, who edits the website of said publication. The when and where: Saturday, Sept. 24th, 5PM, 21 and over, three bucks to get in, held at the thoroughly rockin' Turf Club (1601 University Ave. in St. Paul; 651.647.0486). Reward my gal's hard work, drink some beer, have a good time, and enjoy fine pieces by Alex Lemon, Charles Baxter, Claire Zulkey, Jason DeBoer, Jim Ruland, and my own meager self. Move heaven and earth to be there.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Academy of the Overplated

On the subject of the next issue of the High Hat, this edition’s special section will be “The Academy of the Underrated” – the critically or publicly ignored or reviled, reassessed by our crack staff of unpaid life-wasters. Unfortunately, as much as we’d love to publish everything we get, space is limited, and we had to reject the following pitches. Apologies to those who didn’t make the cut, including:

Lionel Fanthorpe: The James Joyce of Gamlingay Village
Patricia Highsmith’s Women: A Study in Three Dimensions
Marc Singer’s Most Challenging Roles
Guns, Boom Mics and Empty Warehouses: The World of Albert Pyun
Does Existence Precede Essence, or What?: The Interior Landscapes of Cherry Poptart
Joe Dolce: No, Whatsa Matta
The 2003 Detroit Tigers, Revisited
There’s a Heart Where My Wang Should Be: The Golden Age of “Love Is”
Nicolae Ceacescu and the Myth of the Dictator
Vincent Gallo’s
The Brown Bunny: Hey, Like You’ve Ever Gotten Your Prosthetic Cock Sucked By Chloe Sevigny
Brief Interviews with People Who Think the Last Episode of
The Prisoner Made Perfect Sense
Bret Easton Ellis: A Revolution in Creative Editing
Adrian Tomine, the Blatantly-Ripping-Off-Dan-Clowes Years
“My Son is Day-ud! You Bas-terd!”: Andie MacDowell and the Art of Forced Line Readings
David Gerrold: Nearly Half a Dozen Episodes of
Land of the Lost and Every Goddamn One a Gem
How “Mallard Fillmore” Solved the Israel-Palestine Conflict
Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot & Celine Dion: How Three Canadians Revolutionized American Rock
Winning Isn’t Everything, or For That Matter, Anything: The Triumphs of Anna Kournikova