September 22nd, 2005

flavored with age

Telegraph Meltdown

Well, barring some last-minute miracle, it looks lke Jandek is cancelled tonight. He's (probably) from Houston, and has inexplicably decided he would rather stick around his hometown and evacuate his belongings prior to his house being leveled by a gigantic hurricane than come to Chicago and play songs in front of a crowd of strangers. The priorities of some people!

I can't be too down about it, since I still have a good weekend scheduled and I have plenty to do and it's likely the show will be rescheduled and the tickets honored. But I have to say, the epiphany (or, what's the word for something like an epiphany, only the end result is frustration rather than enlightenment?) involved in thinking something you really want to happen will never happen, followed by finding out it's going to happen in less than 24 hours, followed by it not happening after all, is a rather unsettling one.

Off to work, in the middle of a giant thunderstorm. I sure hope I have an umbrella around here somewheres.