October 23rd, 2005

i brung you purty flowers

Two to go

Boy, Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are determined to create a story here, aren't they? Their NL boosterism aside, it seems like they and every other dipshit in the sporting press are determined to make it clear that despite leading the AL from opening day to the playoffs, despite having absolutely dominated their opponents in every round of the post-season so far, the Chicago Americans can't win without help. Never mind that Pierzynski's at-bat in Game 2 of the ALCS, had it been called correctly, wouldn't have resulted in an Angels win, but would merely have sent the game into extra innings. Never mind that the HBP by Dye tonight, had it been ruled a foul, would have made no difference whatsoever but merely extended his at-bat an extra pitch. Never mind that the Astros have benefited from plenty of bad calls but no one's watching as closely (witness the HBP-that-wasn't by Contreras last night, Iguchi being called out tonight on a lead-off at first even though replay shows he was safe, and the strike-zone squeeze put on Jenks in the 9th). No, to hear these guys talk, the White Sox are only where they are because of bad umpiring.

Well, you know what? Good teams take advantage of the breaks. They find ways to win. Anybody who thinks that the White Sox are 9-1 in the playoffs because they're lucky or because they cheat or because they're getting favoritism from the umpires (favoritism? This team? The mind boggles; how can we get favoritism when the whole world still acts like we're here by accident?) are welcome to do so. Meanwhile, the team just keeps on winning. So let's hear it again, for Mr. Scottie 2 Poddy.