October 28th, 2005


...say that again?

Unless I'm reading this incorrectly, alleged black person Thomas Sowell has just written a column in which he claims that segregated seating on public transportation (of the sort against which the late, great Rosa Parks made a rather noteworthy defiance) was not the fault of racism, but rather of judicial activism and government meddling in free enterprise. If only, Sowell seems to suggest, the free market had been given a free reign, the South would have been a paradise for blacks, because businesses have no choice but to service their clientele. So if those nosey bureaucrats had just minded their own business, blacks would have been welcome to sit anywhere on buses, just as they were free to sit anywhere in restaurants, shop at any store they liked, and play major-league baseball.

You know, we really have come a long way in race relations in this country when a guy can Tom like this and not get his ass kicked.
teh winnar!

Something I learned to-day-yay-yay

What we learned from yesterday's poll:

- The vote between guns and mayonnaise was an astonishingly close one, into which I would like you all to read great sociopolitical meaning. In fact, if you could get angry and self-righteous about it, that would be awes.

- An awful lot of you seem to enjoy sex that comes at the expense of hundreds of dead people.

- Not surprisingly, no one would have wanted to fight in the Viet Nam War, but surprisingly, a ton of you would like to fight in a war between men and women.

Also, OH NOES I forgot to put this question into yesterday's poll, and it's the most important one of all!

Poll #600116 Game on!

What game show has the best theme music?

"The $25,000 Pyramid"
"The Match Game"
"The Joker's Wild"
"The Newlywed Game"
"Press Your Luck"
"Card Sharks"
I have a different answer which I will give in Comments, because I think I'm better than you
I am unfamiliar with any of these themes, and would like to beg you to spend all goddamn day posting the mp3s so I can make an 'informed decision' in this meaningless poll
The fact that you actually spend time thinking about such a question is more proof than could ever be wanted that you are a pathetic loser
talk to the hand

And here's some other ways I'm a jerk!

I was sad this morning when the factory I work in didn't burn to the ground.

I was gonna try and post another "Profiles in Bullshit", but I'm kinda busy and I'm leaving early to go outta state, so it'll have to wait until Monday. But you'll like it! It's the first one to feature a complete and utter prick, a guy who's evil rather than simply annoying, America's most beloved crypto-fascist presidential candidate. Hint: he's the only host of Crossfire to be a bigger asshole than Tucker Carlson and Cal Thomas put together.

Also, I ain't posting any mp3s for that last poll question. If you don't already have an encyclopedic knowledge of '70s game show themes, you have no one to blame but yourself.