November 1st, 2005

i don't think so

Lileks und die Deutsch

James Lileks proves once again that he's as astute a cultural critic as he is a political thinker:

Fritz Lang directed, with the usual lack of pizzazz. He was the John Woo of his time – going Hollywood just took the tonic out of the fellow, it seems.

Yeah, he's got a point there. Ministry of Fear, Scarlet Street, Clash By Night, The Big Heat -- what a bunch of colorless yawners.

I love Kraftwerk. I was listening to “Europe Endless” the other night while writing, and it just made me happy. Just about the only sober people in the 70s who were optimistic were the lads in Kraftwerk, I think.

Bullseye again! If you want to talk optimistic and cheerful, you want to talk about the utterly emotionless, bloodless Teutonic androids in Kraftwerk.

To recap: the vivid, crackling noir of Fritz Lang's American period = boring. The ice-cold Aryan ironism of Kraftwerk = feel-good.