November 10th, 2005

sexay sexay

Sex cauldron?

Today's Sun-Times has a stupid front-page article about how there is too much smut on the box, and they busted out the big type for the headline:


Which I naturally misread as I walked bast the cornerbox this morning, my mind on other things; I remember thinking "Sex blankets? I gotta get me some of those," before the cold o'ertook me.
is this thing on?

In other news:

- I miss my girlfriend. A lot. Boy, she's swell. She's down in Texas this week (city of Austin, let me hear ya) at a special event-like happening for the magazine that employs her, so Austinites, give a holla. If you see her on the street, you'll know her 'cause she sweet, shout out and let her know that her boy loves her so. Unh.

- My job is not quite bringing fulfillment and a sense of purpose to my life lately. Who wants to die and leave me a trainload of money? Anyone? Anyone at all? Seriously, people, I'm nearing in on 40 and the only thing I know for sure is that working is for fucking chumps.

- Hey, how's that Ludic Log reboot coming? you fail to ask. Well, here's how: I'm starting the thing up, with at least weekly updates, at the kickoff of 2006, come Helen Highwater. I may not have the fancy redesign going, but at least I'll put up some new content. (Also a more prominent link to this LiveJournal, since it's got content coming out its back channel, quality of same notwithstanding.)

- Speaking of the ol' Ludic Log, it was recently linked at Screenhead, one of the many side projects of the highly annoying but very popular Gawker web empire. They provided their jaded readers a glimpse at my MODOK page, which I guess is more gratifying than the hits I still get for 'naked pix She-Hulk fanny'.

- I have a bunch of fun freelance assignments coming up: an end-of-year list of my favorite Christmas songs; a piece for a national magazine about how this was The Year Of Metal; my year's-best-music submission to a local rag; an interview with cartoonist Heather McAdams about her awesome Li'l' Country Calendar show at FitzGerald's; a profile of tasty Arab songstress Souad Massi; an interview with Los Straitjackets; and a review of the new Outkast record. Unfortunately, at least two of the people I need to talk to, no names no pack drill, are making it hard on me by failing to provide any contact information. You know, this whole PR game, it's just free publicity, folks. It's not gonna help anyone to play it like you're a shrinking violet who would just as soon not be creating art for public consumption.
flavored with age

Best known for his role as...


Perhaps best known for his portrayal of the tortured mafioso Michael Corleone, actor Patrick Cranshaw...

No, hold on.

Beloved for their portrayal of stylish, witty detective couple Nick and Nora Charles, screen legends Franklin Pangborn and Anne Ramsey...

Okay, wait, let me try again.

With a stellar screen career, but no role more iconic than that of suave super-spy James Bond, the legendary Lenny Montana...

I know I can do this.

After dazzling audiences for nearly a decade as the tan and terrific lead opposite Mouseketeer cutie-pie Annette Funicello, handsome matinee idol Rondo Hatton...

Damn it! I used to be able to write these. Hold up, this time I'll get it.

Charming a generations of fans with her star turn in the Legally Blonde films, golden-tressed starlet Alice Nunn...