November 16th, 2005

what the professional fuck?

..and the news taketh away.

I swear to Christ, yesterday for about five seconds, there was a front-page Yahoo!/AP news story with the headline New Jersey Teenager Claims She Sees Angels. Naturally this seemed too good to be true, perhaps the lamest news story of all time in fact. But it was a 'video news' story, and when I clicked on it, Yahoo!'s shitty 'media helper' refused to play the clip. And when I reloaded the page, it was gone. Now I can't find any evidence that it ever existed in the first place. I AM NOT INSANE.

Also, why doesn't AllMusic have a listing for M.I.A.? What, did she pee on their grannies or something? WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AMERICA? BY WHICH I MEAN THE INTERNET?
whacked on the skull

What is needed, obviously, is a cleansing dose of the IMDB message boards.


WHAT has the world come to?
by - MelbaToast454-1

How did this crap (yes I saw it) make it number 1? Honestly Jarhead deserves it, easily. I guess the average American has no taste. Also can't handle the truth about the military. *beep* WTF


Re: WHAT has the world come to?
by - shanestonr

IF you love Jarhead so mutch than why dont dont you marry it? I thought chiken little was good. I saw Jarhead and walked out beause it was the most boring peice of Sh** that I have seen this year. Chiken little deserves to be #1 this month unless something better comes out.


Re: WHAT has the world come to?
by - rugb

You and others probably have an axe to grind against Disney or something pathetic like that. But it's like all other axes-to-grind against governments, corporations, families or anything else big, or successful, or American, etc. You're likely just bent on narrow idealism and emotions that pretend to be broader and more understanding than anyone else. In reality, it's just contemptuous, bitterness, and self-important. Most people who think they are "outside the box" may be outside of the usual "box," but they are often just inside another smaller box somewhere else. Grow up and watch a kids film like an easy-going adult watching a kids film, not like a pretentious kid watching an adults film.


what is going on???
by - jadeskyy

seriously...i took my son and his friend to see this today and was shocked when the opening scene the kid calls his brother a d*ck!! and then the father is all calm and like "well u know u shouldn't say that" bringing even more attention to it for the kids that it maybe would have just passed over their heads. what is going on with PG?


Re: what is going on???
by - missgin

I have to agree with you jadeskyy. I agree that language in the PG rating is getting worse. My kids watch the Simpsons, and Marge and Homer occasionally talk about sex or "having sex" and the other night in an episode he said the word "m*st**bating". Needless to say I was shocked, I looked at my kids (boys aged 10 and 7) and it seemed to go right over their heads.

I also find it hypocritical that nowadays people make movies like this because they say that's what real life is like. Gone are the days when kids had respect, like in the Brady Bunch era and people sat down and discussed problems. Now we see movies/shows where kids in particular have no respect and call each other names, and speak rudely to parents without sitting down, but we are now having a turnaround because the situation with kids is so bad, we have shows like Dr Phil trying to help people how to communicate.


Re: what is going on???
by - LadyElizabeth

Too add to the Dr. Phill thing, he is overweight himself. Why would people buy a book about weightloss from a fat person?


Shooting at the theater, who coulda guessed?
by - killralphnader

I can't believe someone was shot at this movie! I'd never have seen this coming. Not in a million years. I would expect the crowd for this movie to be intelligent and even tempered. What a SHOCK this is to see hip hop fans behaving in such an ignorant manner!!


Re: Shooting at the theater, who coulda guessed?
by - OhNoMySwordIsGone

all hip hop fans are just ignorant *beep*


Re: Shooting at the theater, who coulda guessed?
by - kriegi

where i live some peopel shot teh screen and the ceiling part of teh ceilign fell of and hurt some1 bad


Re: Shooting at the theater, who coulda guessed?
by - sweiland75

you would never see something like this happen at a movie starring Arnie,van Damme or any white action film star. I wonder why.


Re: Shooting at the theater, who coulda guessed?
by - Me_Vs_Maradona_Vs_Elvis

I hope 50 cent dies...and it has nothing to do with him being black
cap'n hedgehog reporting for duty

Ill Boxeo

Have you noticed that any time a dignitary meets with Muhammad Ali, they do a little boxing stance and show some footwork at him? Seriously. Reagan did it. Clinton did it. Both Bushes did it. Congressmen and senators and awards presenters do it. Nelson fucking Mandela did it. Every time the guy shows up at some public event, a dignitary crouches, balls up his fists, and starts a dopey LOOK I AM FIGHTING MUHAMMAD ALI dance.

If I was him I'd get pretty pissed off. "Ha ha, great! Thanks for knowing one thing about me! It is great that you're aware of what I used to do for a living! Very amusing! I wish I was 20 years younger and not shaking to death from a horribly degenerative disease, because then I would pretend I didn't know you were joking and cave your fucking skull in with a left hook."

Plus, does anyone do this for any other profession? You don't see people faking left and going in for a layup when they meet Bill Bradley, or pretending to type at an imaginary keyboard when they present Susan Sontag with an award, or, I dunno, acting like they're throwing it to some emaciated blonde when Ron Jeremy comes by to drop off a check to their charity.