December 5th, 2005

can you dig it?

Weekend in MPLS

It was a lovely one as always, with the whole Twin Cities area blanketed in snow and my girl ninafarina and her Li'l' Duce both glad to see me. If there's a better feeling in the world than someone you love welcoming you back, I dunno what it is.

Most of the weekend was pretty quiet, actually -- we mostly palled around the house, did some cleaning, and cozied up against the chilly weather. We had dinner on Friday night at a great south Indian vegetarian restaurant called Udupi, and ran some errands, but for the most party, we were pretty homey.

Except for Saturday night, when we went to her parents' annual wine-and-cheese do. It was fun, though we didn't stay that long due to a sick kid; I got to meet some of her relatives and family friends and figure out which wines go best with Pepsi (since I don't like wine, much to my dismay). Annie ate all the fruit in the western hemisphere, a piece I wrote got handed around to my sheer terror, and ninafarina looked absolutely gorgeous.

We talked, we ate, we discussed the future, I wore my fancy new shirt, and we became depressed after watching OutFOXed. This entry is probably even more boring than my usual weekend updates, but that's only because my ability to convey how happy I am just to be near my girlfriend and her daughter is inadequate. Oh, here's a possibly amusing tale of racism from the weekend that might make the whole post somewhat salvagable: I went to the liquor store on Friday night to get us some beer (a tasty little India pale ale from a Duluth microbrewery called, I think, Lake Superior), and I was waiting in line at the checkout. Behind me was a goateed, baseball-capped mid-20s hipster; behind him was a middle-aged black woman. Our line was long, so she headed off to the other line, and as soon as she was out of hearing range, the guy said to me, in a sotto-voce conspiratorial voice, "Boy, she's not doing the stereotype any good with that, is she?" And here he points out her purchase of a 40-ounce of Col. .45 malt liquor. I should have punched him in the face, or at least pointed out that his own purchase of a suitcase of Miller Lite cans didn't do his own stereotype any good either, but instead I just favored him with a frosty look that said 'please do not involve me in your racist amusements'.

P.S. for comics geeks: an internet friend sent a box of goodies (storybook, clothes, stickers, tam-o-shanter, etc.) for Annie, and included was a Lego Little Person version of Batgirl. I also gave Annie a Flash and a Hawkwoman action figure. Her reactions:

- Batgirl was her favorite, partly because she likes Batman, but mostly because Lego Batgirl's head comes off. When she would ask me "Why Batgirl broken?", I would say it was the Joker's fault.

- She claims that Hawkwoman (who ninafarina objects to based on her unaerodynamic bustier-enhanced rack) flies so high that "you can't reach".

- Although I was pleased at how quickly she embraced these toys (it's my ambition to mold her into someone who will be writing and drawing Superman by 2030, or at least a Friend of Lulu), I was slightly dismayed that the first thing she did with them was to have Hawkwoman and the Flash (or "Fash") hug and kiss. I told her she was going to get us both in trouble with Hawkman and Iris West, but this did not deter her.
bizarro am drunk motherfucker

More geek stuff you should all skip

Also included in that package was Seth's Bannock, Beans and Black Tea, an illustrated version of his father's memoirs about growing up on Prince Edward Island during the Great Depression. It's really very good though terribly sad, and serves as a reminder that, while poverty and deprivation are relative, the generations after WWII have enjoyed really unimaginable levels of privilege and material comfort.

That was gonna get me off on a big rant about capitalism, social progressivism, and protecting the environment, but you know what? I'd either be preaching to the choir or boring them to tears. I increasingly think that all my political/social vaporing is wasted words of interest to know one, and as I feel more and more politically alienated, those thoughts only become more solidified. I'll instead point out that Seth's real name is GREGORY GALLANT! Why on earth would you change your name if you were Gregory Gallant?

Which brings me to some lists. Feel free to treat this as a poll if you like and pick your favorites, or suggest ones of your own. (This is based on re-reading DC's Who's Who in aid of rewriting and updating my DC Who's Who/Marvel Universe recaps for an as-yet-undisclosed writing project.)

Lance Gallant (see?)
Chuck Lane
Rip Jagger
Dave Clark
Tex Thompson
Danton Black
Buddy Blank
Rick Raleigh
Cliff Steele
Dane Dorrance
King Savage
Donovan Flint

Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth
Queen Bee
Red Tornado II

The Ghost
The Hyena
Shade, the Changing Man
The Shaggy Man
The Ten-Eyed Man