January 5th, 2006

i love you

Hate mail, I get hate mail!

The great thing is, I don't even have to update my site (BUT I WILL! I PROMISE! this year sometime...) to get this kind of stuff. Received this AM from one Michael Fish, with the subject line "what a funny little person you are":

After inadvertently stumbling across your hateful site, I had to ask myself what forces existed in the life of this person, this little ignorant stunted person, to make them so hateful, and filled with such illogical thought constructions, that proof of any prevailing intelligence is severely lacking. I had to ask myself how this type of worldview comes to be, and how someone who spends what appears to be a lot of time creating a web-page -- expressly designed to attack and demean others -- would build and layer this nonsensical and inaccurate trash in such a way as to accomplish ... uh ... nothing positive, useful or even accurate. What a small little piss head you must be .... blinded by your own inability to see beyond the environs of your youth, and lacking in in any qualities one would consider American. And THAT'S the irony, since you sincerely believe you are a patriot of substance, when in fact, your a gnat on soul of a jackass. Have a great year spewing whatever it is you spew.

Of course, it is the Ludic Log's policy to respond to all letters we receive.

Dear Mr. Fish,

Thanks for your letter!

Unfortunately, since you decline to detail exactly what you read on my website which instilled in you such a strong reaction, and since I cannot guess (there are over 1,200 entries on the site), I am unable to answer any specific charges you might have.

However, in the interests of clearing up certain misconceptions you might have developed:

- I am not small or stunted. I am, in fact, a relatively robust individual, and fairly tall by American standards.

- To put your mind at ease, let me assure you that I actually don't spend very much time creating my website at all.

- I am not very young; in fact, I am approaching middle age. You seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that I am a teenager, which, sadly, is not the case.

- I have several qualities one might consider American, including American citizenship, lifelong residence in America, employment and education in the American system, status as an American taxpayer, and general adherance to the founding documents and principles of America. I'm not sure which American qualities you're referring to that I lack.

- I do not believe I am a patriot of substance. I'm not sure what I said to create this impression in you, but I apologize if it was given. I'm not even sure what a patriot of substance would be.

Also, my site is designed not to be hateful, demeaning and aggressive, but rather mildly amusing to the six people who read it; my head is not made of piss, but rather various other substances (not that they are any better or worse than piss!); and I must admit to serious reservations as to the existence of an immortal soul in donkeys. However, I do thank you for your good wishes for the coming year, and extend them back to you. Thanks again for writing!

Leonard A. Pierce Jr.
flavored with age

But then, thanks to Michael Fish, we already know I'm a bad person

Does it make me a bad person that I won't be sad if Ariel Sharon dies?

Despite a significant softening of his hard-line principles late in life that almost equates to liberalization, he has a pretty abysmal history dating all the way back to when he was a military commander. Indeed, leaving aside the justifiable loathing of the man that most Palestinians feel, it's amazing, given his record, how he ever managed to get anywhere in Israeli politics, because he's been slammed by his own government almost as much. His whole political career is a testament to the fact that if you're right-wing enough in Israel, you can make it no matter how much of a fuckup you are.

His very first act of national prominence was to lead a remarkable foolhardy 'rescue effort' of some of his troops who were pinned down by Egyptian fire. Not only did this result in their death and the death of 40 other soldiers under his command during the botched rescue, but his own commanders ruled that the scouts he was trying to save were sent out (by him) unneccesarily in order to provoke a pointless battle with the Egyptian forces. Even then, Sharon knew the kind of political cred that comes from being a war hero in Israel, and he apparently decided that if he couldn't find a battle, he'd start one. He never expressed any regrets over the unneeded death of 50 of his own countrymen.

His role in the massacres of Sabra and Shatila are well documented, though still violently disputed. The fact remains that soldiers under his command were ordered to open the gates of the refugee camps to hostile, violent Christian militias (sent there with Sharon's consent to find 'PLO terrorists'), and they stood there and did nothing as those militias slaughtered unarmed, helpless men, women and children -- perhaps as many as 3,000 in less than three days. He didn't personally kill anyone, and the war crimes charges against him are probably unjustified, but he knew what was likely to happen, and he allowed it to happen anyway, and a whole lot of innocent people died. Again, his own government censured him, as an Israeli government inquiry found him "personally responsible" for the massacres and he was forced to step down as the head of the Defense Ministry. But again, he never expressed any regrets.

Of course, the responsibility for the al-Aq'sa intifada rests with those who carried it out. But there seems to be no question who triggered it: it was Ariel Sharon's visit to the Temple Mount, a deliberate and provocative act justified by a completely bogus pretext, that triggered the riots from whence the intifada sprang. Liberals, moderates, and even a few conservatives in his government urged him not to go, because they knew it would be taken as a hostile gesture, but he went anyway, always the tough man, always willing to sop the right to look like a defiant hero. Over the course of the intifada over a thousand Israelis and three thousand Arabs died; Sharon, of course, has never expressed regret for any of his actions surrounding the intifada.

So I won't be too sad if he dies. So then I'm a bad person.
flavored with age

On the road tomorrow so you can choke on this today

Poll #646005 Thorpole!

Who would win in a fight?

Count Chocola
Fruit Brute
Yummy Mummy

Who was the worst president in American history?

James Buchanan
George W. Bush
Calvin Coolidge
Ulysses S. Grant
Warren G. Harding
Herbert Hoover
Andrew Johnson
William McKinley
Richard M. Nixon
Ronald Reagan
Some other candidate I will list in comments
Funny how all these candidates are Republicans
I am not an American and I don't care about this question
I am an American and I still don't care about this question
You are

What illegal drugs have you taken in your wasted life?

I do not take illegal drugs because I am a clean teen
None of your goddamn business
Shit, man, I can't even remember
Can this LiveJournal poll be used as evidence against me in a court of law?

Do you play the lottery?

Yes, regularly
Yes, occasionally
No, never
No, and I would like to say something self-righteous about it in comments
No, and yet I keep winning it, according to my e-mail

Tell me one of your guilty pleasures -- song, musician, TV show, movie, or written material.