March 27th, 2006


On the downside...

...since I'm training a new guy at (my last week of!) work, I'm not around the computer enough to write in any depth about the following topics:

- the prevalence of douchebags on LiveJournal
- why I don't give a fuck about March Madness
- how goddamn hilarious the whole Ben Domenech thing is
- how insurance of all kinds, in addition to being a total racket, is a huge pain in the ass
- how my friends took me for a lovely night out at Hala Kahiki this weekend
- my picks for an all-depressing, all-anti-war and all-jolly CD mix
- missing Chicago; anticipating Minnesota
- who should play Wonder Woman
- how I fell down a flight of stairs yesterday
- LiveJournal inexplicably giving me 20 new user icons, all of which I filled with dopey Justice League screencaps

Ah well.
it's a thinker

CONFIRM! or DENY!: Music edition

There is, however, always time for the thrilling game show CONFIRM! or DENY!, in which I engage in ridiculously broad overgeneralizations and ask you, the Skullbucketfucking audience, to...

CONFIRM...or DENY: With the exception of Neil Young, no musical performer from the 1960s is worth listening to anymore.

CONFIRM...or DENY: The expiration date for rock bands is seven years. No band's recorded output has lasted longer than seven years and retained an acceptable level of quality.

CONFIRM...or DENY: Greeks are the least rockin' nationality on the face of the earth.

CONFIRM...or DENY: Every single album Daniel Dumile has ever released has been worth owning.

CONFIRM...or DENY: The pop music genre with the closest resemblance to jazz is speed metal. The second-closest is turntablism.

CONFIRM...or DENY: Anyone who has ever said the sentence "I like every kind of music but ________" is, de facto, an asshole.

CONFIRM...or DENY: The default for the period which most people claim as that which produced the 'best' music is the years when they were between 22 and 25 years of age.