March 31st, 2006

flavored with age

Adieu, Chicago

Hey, kids!

Busy day yesterday; worked, ran various errands, did my budget for next month, took care of some random stuff, went to Lara & Jeff's to pick up thaitea's new computer, ponied up for a handful of comics like a sucker, sent in a freelance assignment that will pay for the handful of comics I bought like a sucker, was treated to a lovely Manzo's dinner by my friends, and prepared a secret special surprise for my wonderful girlfriend ninafarina.

And today: my last day at work, and my last night in the Big Town. Tonight, I throw everything I got into a big truck, and tomorrow morning, I haul my ass to the Twin Cities, to a new life, and to the girls I love. Wish me luck if you have any, and stay safe 'til Monday at least. The next time I talk to y'all, I'll be surrounded by 10,000 lakes...