July 19th, 2006

now I get it

His HEAD is made of MISSILES! See, because, uh...MISSILES!

Town Hall's 'The Funnies': still not funny.

I mean, seriously: politics aside, these guys have a kind of amazing knack for telling jokes that are not only identical to one another, but not funny the first time you see it. This week's "the U.N. are sissies, HAW HAW" is mildly more amusing than last week's "Islamic terrorists are everywhere, HAW HAW I guess", but not enough to justify the same joke being repeated four times in one day. (Plus, a special repeat of the "Islamic terrorists are everywhere" joke, in case you really liked it last week!) So fidelity_astro doesn't yell at me, I'll admit that liberal cartoonists are often equally simplistic and unfunny, but Christ, at least they're capable of telling more than one joke at a time. It's like these guys are getting a Theme Of The Week from some yutz over at the Mellon-Scaife Foundation.

Still, I guess it's better than this article by the inexplicable John Stossel, who uses his conservative bully pulpit to argue in defense of cousins marrying.