September 12th, 2006


At last, the truth

Lileks, in defense of his claim that his is not a political blog, finally explains himself.

I have zero objections to homosexuality but balk at redefining marriage.

I don't mind homos, as long as they don't ask for the same rights as regular people.

I recycle and abjure waste and live light as possible and dislike Hummers but I’m unimpressed by environmental scaremongering.

I like environmentalism as long as nobody tries to convince me that it's important.

I believe women are the intellectual equal of men but emotionally and psychologically different.

You know, because of the "curse".

I don’t want to outweigh the firefighter who attempts to carry me down the steps, and I don’t want a 37-year old man leading my daughter’s Girl Scout troop. No Harvard jobs for me!


I would rather hang out with Iggy Pop than Frank Sinatra.

Even though both of them would call me a tweedy nerd and flick cigarettes in my face.

I love the 50s but, if I lived there as a 20-something I'd be the sort of person who annoys me now, railing against the very symbols of artifice I prize today.

I am barely capable of recognizing what a profounding irritating person I am, but that won't stop me from complaining about the kids today with their rock and roll and their hair.

I hate the 60s, but know full well I would have been a pretentious stoner antiestablishment wannabee until the pose cost me money.

I would have pretended to be a hippie until it started to interfer with my income. I am a poseur and proud of it!

I think light rail is a money pit sinkhole beloved by New Urbanists, but support public subsidies of large-scale bus systems to move inner-city people to wherever the jobs may be.

I think public transport is a great idea for the poor and other people who aren't me.

I dearly love the inner city but don’t care if people move to the burbs for nice houses and good schools.

I hate the symptoms, but I am not interested in the cause.

I support the public schools. I support school choice.

I make no sense.

For that matter I support the New Urbanists, except when they get high-mindedly pissy about people’s free choices.

I am in favor of progressivism, as long as it doesn't try to get people to do something they don't want to do, or point out that it might be harmful to do the things they're already doing.

I believe in God, but I’m not throwing away my Coop books because he had a hot time at a Black Mass.


I can’t stand everything Islamicists stand for, despair of the tide that seems to swamp a religion for which I have, despite my efforts, no empathetic connection whatsoever, but I celebrate the first Muslim in space.

I hate Muslims except when they remind me of Star Trek.

I dislike most TV, most modern music, and most movies, but love the big messy hot throbbing blob of Western pop culture, partly because I connect with part of it like a dog biting on a live wire, and partly because the loud rude crass mess spells freedom, and that is the root word at the heart of the American experiment.

I am an old crank.

We can always learn from others, but they’ve much to learn from us.

America is the best.

Unless they have a 200+ year track record of expanding rights and unimaginable prosperity as well.

America is the super-best.