September 26th, 2006

stick it in your ear


Because I don't have anything better to do with my time these days, I watched Heroes last night. And I wrote about it. So, the first Ludic Log entry in months is a review of a bad TV show. Live through that, vultures!

More Things That TV Has Taught Me

1. McDonald's has deli sandwiches now. Nothing about eating food seems worthwhile anymore.

2. Pretty much every show on HGTV is designed to make most people feel like miserable failures. Not that I, for one, need any help in that regard.

3. The appeal of soap operas is totally lost on me, but the appeal of taking soap operas and sticking them onto other genres is obvious. (And I still don't understand, to this day, why no one has ever done a Legion of Superheroes TV show -- combining, as it does, soap opera, teen romance, science fiction, and superheroes, I can't see it not being a monster success.)

4. There is something called "Brawny Man Camp" or the like. It's a boot camp where 'men' go to learn how to clean the house, and then they cry. It's available only as a webcast on Brawny's website. Anywone who is watching this should probably drown themselves.

5. I don't really like TV that much.
he's just a stereotype


So in Columbus, OH, the town that will apparently do anything to make people notice it exists, a car dealership is in trouble for some ads that riff on Islamic extremism.

In the spot, Keith Dennis of Dennis Mitsubishi talks about "launching a jihad on the automotive market."

Sales representatives "will be wearing burqas all weekend long," the ad says. One of the vehicles on sale "can comfortably seat up to 12 jihadists in the back."

"Our prices are lower than the evildoers’ every day. Just ask the pope!" the ad says. "Friday is fatwa Friday, with free rubber swords for the kiddies."


But amazingly, it gets better:

Aaron Masterson, general manager of Dennis Auto Point, which writes and produces its own commercials, promised that the commercial will air.

"It starts next Friday morning," Masterson said. "As far as I can see, the top 10 stations — minimum — in the market. We made it very clear we wanted market saturation to get the point across."

Calling the commercial aggressive, Masterson said, "This is one where we feel we’re taking a bull’s-eye on terrorists. After all the nonsense that the terrorists put the public through, they’re fair game."

Ha ha, TAKE THAT, TERRORISTS! After all the "nonsense" you put us through -- you know, killing thousands of people and all that -- you're totally FAIR GAME for this small-market radio ad for a car dealership! You'll THINK TWICE, lest you suffer the wrath of Dennis Mitsubishi again!