October 6th, 2006


Town Hall roundup!

Tim Chapman: If the Democrats win in November, we will all be nuked by North Korea, because they will stop pouring money into the nonfunctional Star Wars program.

Lorie Byrd: The increase in terrorism is actually the fault of Democrats and the media, for not giving us more good news.


Jonah Goldberg: I'm not excusing what Mark Foley did, but CLINTON DEMOCRATS LIBERALS DEMOCRATS CLINTON CLINTON CLINTON!

David Limbaugh: Really, we shouldn't even be talking about Mark Foley, because CLINTON DEMOCRATS LIBERALS DEMOCRATS CLINTON CLINTON CLINTON!
i'm druuuuunk

Only when I'm drunk

So, last night, I drove up to Austin to get my drunk on with a couple of friends. I was pretty nervous about it, because one of them is also a very good friend to Shauna, and I wasn't quite sure how it was going to play. I shouldn't have worried; she was swell about the whole thing, and managed to say decent, supportive shit to me while still staying neutral about what happened. It would be pretty easy to blame the whole goddamn thing on me and tell me to fuck off; goodness knows that's the path I've taken.

Anyway, we went to this place called Opal Devine's, which alleges to have the biggest Scotch selection in the entire state of Texas. And lately, I'm a man who needs access to a very, very big selection of Scotch. Luckily, this claim was no mere hyperbole, and I availed myself of a double dutch of some fine Islay malted as well as some cider and a tasty little tequila. I drove home (!) and discovered that either I'm a better singer than I remember, or when I'm drunk I think I'm a really good singer. I didn't get arrested or die, which may or may not have been lucky for me.

I'm getting a lot more freelance work than I expected, including landing a gig writing music reviews for a publication I've wanted to write for forever, and I have an interview next week for an ad copy job that's full time, with decent pay and bennies, which almost makes up for the fact that advertising is Satan's favorite tool. (My man Raymond Chandler called it the most elaborate waste of human intelligence this side of chess.) I dunno if I'll get it, but it's something. And something helps.

My pal who took me drinking last night confines herself to cheap beer nowadays, on the theory that she knows exactly how much she can drink without getting dangerously polluted. What do you like to get drunk on these days?