October 11th, 2006

i brung you purty flowers

Root, root, root for...uh...

Since my beloved White Sox are only world champions for two more weeks, and since I sadly love baseball even when my team ain't in it, I have to sort out a rooting interest to keep my mind from wandering to American Idol or masturbation or how I could steal some antidepressants.

Clearly, I won't be rooting for the Cardinals or Mets, because fuck a bunch of National League teams, right? So it's down to the Athletics and the Tigers. Oddly, I am faced with the possibility of watching two teams in the post-season I don't have anything against. I don't loathe either of them like I do the Yankees; they aren't media-hype benificiaries like the Red Sox; they haven't humiliated my team in the post-season like the Orioles; they haven't crushed my team during the regular season like the Twins; and they don't just generally piss me off like the hated Indians. What to do?

- I'd like to see Magglio Ordonez win it all (although, seriously, Maggs, what is with your hair?)
- Detroit's 2006 team reminds me a lot of Chicago's 2005 team
- The Tigers have a cool logo

- Divisional rival to the White Sox
- Ugly stadium
- Inevitable loss of life from ensuing victory riots

- I'd like to see Frank Thomas win it all (although, seriously, Frank, you were kind of a dick)
- More than a few of my friends are Oaktown fans
- I've always had a bit of a soft spot for them -- their winning teams of the '70s were amazing

- Green and gold color scheme
- Too much foul territory
- Great teams of the '70s routinely pounded on my White Sox

So, given that the pros are slightly more pro and the cons are pretty lame, it looks like I'm vaguely rooting for Oakland. But given their performance last night, it may be to no avail.

But, hey! At least the Cubs were god-awful this year!