November 16th, 2006


Texas loves you, Jesus!

Here are three things I saw today, on my way to work.

1. A big church marquee reading "WHY DOES GOD DISAPPOINT US?"*.

2. A bumper sticker reading "GOD ANSWERS KNEE-MAIL".

3. A truck sticker featuring a bootleg Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes, only instead of peeing on something, he and Susie Derkins are kneeling before a cross.

*: Man, good question!
stella stella can't you hear me yella

More Hat, more whore

Honestly, when I tell you to please go read the new issue of the High Hat, I'm not just repeating myself from last time I said that. Aside from the amazing special section on Robert Altman, the three pieces by me, some excellent articles by Jon Morris, Matt Rossi, Shauna McKenna, Tom Block, Gary Mairs and others, and all the rest of the great stuff, there's actually new content since we last spoke -- an exclusive interview with punk legend Joe Carducci!

I dare you to resist this amazing magazine. Come on, give it a shot! It's smart writing that makes smart people smarter. With smartness!