November 29th, 2006


Link-stained Fingers

I bet the right-wing doofuses will be just as pissed about this as they are about all the kids who they claim can't pray or wear crosses in school. Right? Right, fellas?

Lileks promised me a crazy rant about the imams who got thrown off the airplane, but he lied! Instead he complains about a character in Stephen King's new novel who says "smucking" instead of "fucking". Yes, that complaint is coming from James "Fargin'" Lileks.

Starving, oppressed, horribly desperate citizens of North Korea will no longer be able to take comfort in iPods, cognac and luxury yachts.
i'm druuuuunk

The Uniform Code of Military Drunkenness

One of the few benefits of living in San Antonio is that my family are all military types, meaning I get to shop at the Fort Sam Houston commissary. This is basically nothing more than a huge grocery store, but which caters to military personnel and their families – the practical upshot of which is that the prices are dirt cheap, and even though it doesn’t have the world’s most gourmet-friendly inventory, you ain’t catch me sayin’ no to inexpensive groceries.

Shopping there, though, is a surreal experience. I have to go with a relative (they’ve got the military ID cards that get you past the armed guards), and I get to shop alongside terrifying-looking Special Forces guys in black uniforms buying cup noodles and frozen fish filets. And best of all, the endcaps and other displays all have military themes, so you get to see stuff like the Keebler Elves duded up in Marine Corps dress uniforms and saying “KEEBLER SUPPORTS OUR TROOPS!”

Anyway, I was there a couple of weeks ago and found myself, as I often do, in the alcoholic accessories section, and I saw Collapse )