December 6th, 2006

stella stella can't you hear me yella


I don't THINK I know anyone who works there...and yet, for some reason, the Village Voice books section has linked to my 'Five Novels for Your Inner Drunk' piece in the latest High Hat.

I also got to interview Rainn "Dwight" Wilson the other night for a freelance gig for a regional cable magazine. I'll let you know when it goes up; he's a pretty fun interview.

Coming soon to this space: your Christmas wishes. (Oh, also -- if you haven't done so yet and wish to, please send your pitches for issue #8 of the High Hat, the "First Loves" issue, as soon as possible. We're taking pitches through December 15th; highhatmagazine at g mail dot com is the place to send them.)
good grief

Now that the GOOD news is out of the way...

Town Hall has become even more annoying to read than you might expect, due to the presence of multiple pop-up ads (that seem immune even to my robust pop-up blocker) and float-over ads. Frankly, I don't wanna read this stuff that bad. But you might want to check out Dennis Prager's hilariously sophistic defense of his vituperative column about Keith Ellison's decision to swear his oath of office on the Q'uran.

Meanwhile, what's the most depressing article about the grotesque abuses of power in the Bush administration? This New York Times piece about the nightmarish treatment of alleged terror plotter Jose Padilla, an American-born citizen charged with no crime but held for almost four years without any contact with the outside? This Observer piece about a government snitch who was kept on the INS payroll to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars even as he participated in the murder of a dozen people? Or this Washington Post piece about how the Bush administration's response to the outrageous fraud and misconduct by US contractors in Iraq is to try and limit the government's ability to detect and prevent it? YOU BE THE JUDGE!