January 11th, 2007

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Rockin' girls, let's go

I have created a new community for the basest purpose imaginable. It is for posting your mp3 playlists, and nothing else*. Should you wish to participate in this ridiculous endeavor, the community is called lifeshuffle.

Remember: its only content should be mp3 playlists, and what you were doing while listening to them.

*: Well, maybe the occasional lyrics quiz.
i'm driving!

Tasteful San Antonio: The Tour (#2)

What do you think of when you think of the Statue of Liberty?

Perhaps your heart swells with pride, seeing a symbol of America second only, perhaps to the flag or the bald eagle. Perhaps you are filled with a sense of freedom, promise and potential, of the American dream that called so many immigrants to its shining torch. Perhaps it reminds of New York, the greatest and most cosmopolitan American metropolis, the cultural and financial capitol of the nation. Perhaps it even makes you think of the fact that it was the grateful gift of France, and makes you sadly nostalgic for better days, when the relationship between us and our European brothers was not so strained.

As for me, it puts me in mind of the income tax preparation service located in a strip mall on the Austin Highway. This company hires people to stand on the sidewalk all day wearing a neon-teal gown and a huge foam crown, with an oversized plastic torch in one hand and a garishly lettered sign in the other, in the misbegotten hope that seeing such a disturbing sight will inspire customers to allow its originators to handle their finances.

Because the service is interested in cutting down on expenditures for this form of advertising that one normally associates not with investment services but rather discount appliance stores and felafel stands, they hire what appear to be rather weatherbeaten immigrants to portray Lady Liberty. While the four people I have seen in the role have wildly divergent body types, they all appear to wear the same outfit, the laundering of which is clearly not a high priority for its owners. Sometimes the actor will dine on food acquired from the nearby McDonalds while in costume, or chit-chat with workers disembarking from the equidistant bus stop; other times, it will rain, and the actor is obliged to awkwardly hold an umbrella in the same hand as his plastic novelty torch. Oh, yeah: all the people who portray the Statue of Liberty are male.

So, to summarize: fat or dwarfish food-stained Mexicans dressed in drag. That is what the Statue of Liberty means to me. And, really, isn't that what America is all about?

And that's...tasteful San Antonio.
stella stella can't you hear me yella


Today's Ludic Log: Political Thursday tips with a typically cranky reaction to Mr. President Man's stalwart speech night the last.

On an related note, I gotta quit looking at my SiteMeter. It's too depressing.

Lileks Watch...a brand new day?

As a life-hating anarchist who can't stand happiness or joy, I've been very cross with James Lileks, who, since his return from vacation, has been mildly amusing and hardly a laughable old right-wing crank at all. Could this be the dawning of a new day? Has Jimbo finally realized what a schmuck he's been since September 11th, and made his New Year's resolution to be less of a schmuck? I mean, just look at how he leads off today's innocuous Perry Mason entry:

Oh, I wrote a Bleat for today. It's about the troop surge and a Marine I met who accompanied a body back home and a book review about the imminent threat of Jebus-Nazis. I just can’t post it. Why? It’s a mess...I spent the night on the new book before heading down the kitchen table for some old-fashioned screed-whuppin', and frankly I’m too tired to figure out WHAT THE HELL I am talking about. There's a conclusion in there somewheres, but damned if I see it.

Of course, the rest of us saw it years ago: it's ALWAYS a mess when Lileks writes about politics; it's NEVER easy to figure out what the hell he's talking about it. But the fact that it's dawned on the man himself may signal a sea change which, I must admit, even in my blackest ventricle of my black heart, would be quite welcome.

Luckily, you can always count on Ann Coulter.