January 26th, 2007

stella stella can't you hear me yella


Today's Ludic Log: Worst Possible Everythings. (This is the first of what might be a week or so of repurposed material, since I'll be on the road and swamped with freelancing for a while.)
is this thing on?


My Gotham City Neighborhoodie arrived last night, and believe me, it is awesome. In fact, you'll HAVE to believe me, because I can't take pictures as the TSA stole my digital camera. Ah well.
cap'n hedgehog reporting for duty

Participation Friday fun!

You're all clever people. (Well, except for those of you who are stupid.) Here's what you do today:

Take some cultural artifact -- a movie, a TV show, a book, a comic, a play, a piece of art, an album or song, even a toy or game or restaurant -- and "rewrite" it so that it's better. It doesn't have to be something bad; it could be a piece of shit, or it could be something you like save for a minor flaw. But your job is to briefly describe how, if you'd been in charge, you'd have altered it so that it would have been better.

Or, you could just tell me how I'm awesome.

EDIT: Per dignam, do a good job on this and he'll pay you for it! You can't beat that, so get cracking!

(By this, I meanthe rewriting-culture thing, not the telling me I'm awesome thing. That's a public service.)