February 1st, 2007



I love the commenters at Little Green Footballs so fucking much. Every time there has been a terror scare in America since 9/11 -- and there have been plenty -- they flock to the message boards to blame Muslims. And then every time it has turned out to be nothing -- which, you may be aware, has been 100% of the time -- they either just shut up en masse or say "well, okay, THIS TIME it wasn't a jihadi genocide attack, but NEXT TIME...".

So, I was naturally on the edge of my seat to see how they'd react to the Boston Aqua Teen Hunger Force promo gone awry, and they did not fail to to amuse.


I wonder which religon the perps belong to?

My prayers are with you Bostonians.

Tiny minority my left cheek.

But that is impossible. Why John Kerry was just talking to them the other day explaining how a little 'ol boy from MA didn't believe any of this nonsense about terrorists and that we should just open up a dialogue. /not that I am jumping to conclusions mind you

This is retaliation for Bostonians questioning the building of the Big Mosque. Or maybe land clearance for it.

It will be labeled as a rethuglican plot to undermine the new moonbat rule in DC. Personally, I hope it was an attempt on the life of a useless liberal politician. I care not for their existance as I am tired of the tax, tax, tax methodolgy of theirs.

Of course not, no, we must not jump to conclusions. Just because we are at war with Islamofascist terrorists who have vowed to cause mayhem and death using whatever means necessary is no reason to begin with the assumption of the probability that the devices were placed by them.

it's not if, it's when...


11 universities in Boston. Testing islamaphobia?

The first device found was detonated and contained "electronic circuit board and other components consistent with an IED" (via FOX). Second device is similar to the first. Apparently though, neither of these would have exploded. (? huh?)

Local anarchists, perhaps?

Regardless of who is responsible for this, I'm afraid that it will take another event of 9/11 proportions to wake the American public out of their collective stupor regarding who our enemies are. I pray to G-d that I am wrong.

Gas leak in NYC...IED-like devices in Boston...Lots of dry runs lately. Too many.

False alarms or conditioning? Get people used to false alarms and they wont notice when the real thing occurs till its too late.

Cry wolf enough times and then the wolf can come eat the sheep unconcerned.

It just burned my behind so bad right after 9/11 to hear all the jerks telling us not to jump to conclusions and not to seek revenge, that I get an instant gggrrrrrr reaction when I hear it now... even if it is appropriate!

Could be conditioning.

Probably the same kind of black block anarchist a-hole who goes to anti-war rallies.

No one died, but there was a lot of fear and altered behavior, which is the whole point of terrorism (as opposed to declaring war like civilized societies).

Unfortunately, I'm sure this will be referred to as a "botched terror attack" by the MSM all week, even though it succeeded.

Perhaps it is someone who came back home all fired up after last week's Washington protest. Sort of the moonbat equivalent of Friday post-mosque riots.

I suspect this was not Muslims. However, there may come a time when the black block anarchists willingly aid their Muslim brethren, either indirectly by targetting people/places they both dislike, or directly.

Seems like thugs and terrorists always strike in the Moonbat Strongholds. Hummm, could it be that stupidity always rewards it's adherents? Or is the obvious tolerance for stupidity the attractant? Inquiring moonbats don't want to know.

Repeat after me: Dry. Run. The jihadis are testing us. Everyone, everywhere. Keep your ears and eyes open.

These were not hoaxes at all. They were deliberate acts of purposeful disruption against the people of Boston. This is exactly how terrorism works. Get the Citizens of America aware of people in there midst that are out to do them harm, and then keep putting up "almost attacks" that force us to duck and cover. Do this over and over until the people stop reacting, then hit e'm with the real ting to get them all shook up again. Then repeat. It is very effective. Boston was shut down with a few dollars worth of parts. And even if someone was caught with these devices, there is nothing illegal about possessing them. But look what you can do with them to cause large scale disruption. No, this was real..


They don't need to blow up anything here. They are already within our government, and using our own laws to subvert them to their will . And every concession is made for them whenever they seethe about their trampled civil/race rights. All without a shot being fired. To me, this is scarier than having to actually fight them, which I would much rather do.

Would the Police tell us (or the media) if it was not a hoax?

Imagine this scenario-someone offers dumb college kid a few bucks to do a 'harmless prank' or 'art installation'-pick your excuse. Or-some not so dumb college kid, but rather a Muslim sympathizer is asked to test the waters. Then, the potential terrorists watch and see how long it takes to discover the objects, what the police do-who goes where, what equipment they bring out and what the news coverage is like. Then the plans get refined, and more refined.

I'm betting on college students who have been fed a steady diet of leftist head-in-the-sand denial at their schools.

MSM execs going to jail on terrorism charges... hmm.

Will F****** Turner give his F******* left wing propaganda disguised as kiddy cartoons a rest? I wish Turner just "disappeared".

Turner will just say we are all being paranoid and should just lighten up. There is no terrorist threat after all.

Hmm. I don't suppose the promotions dept head who authorized this thing was a moderate muslim named "Mohammed" or anything?

As innocuous is these stupid-looking things are, if you were a 'splody looking to place a series of bombs in a city, how would you disguise them? The fact that it has a stupid-looking cartoon character on it doesn't mean that it isnt a bomb. The fact that it doesn't have enough volume to be a bomb mens that it's not a bomb, but that's for the authorities to determine.

TBS committed an act of terrorism plain and simple. The actual potential for carnage is beside the point.

Well, I'm off to bed. Thank you again to all those people who stand guard to protect us while I sleep.