March 2nd, 2007


I have a great idea

This idea will save millions of dollars in tax revenue. Here is the great idea:

If you are a state who is ranked 50th in something -- say, your state is dead last in education, or health care, or roads, or science -- you should just stop spending any money on that thing at all. Since it is statistically impossible for you to get any worse, you should just take all the money you spend on that thing and put it somewhere else.

Please validate my genius with your comments.
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One of the things I'll be doing over at the Screengrab is something called "Take Five", a weekly Friday Five-style list tying in to a film opening wide the upcoming weekend. For my first go, I've selected five astrologically-themed movies, from the brilliant to the bizarre, in honor of David Fincher's Zodiac (which I hope to see this weekend, as it's gotten plenty of advance praise). Enjoy!