March 8th, 2007


And, in music news that isn't on FOX-TV...

...I got my latest eMusic stuff:

- Michael Hurley, Wolfways
- The Mummies, Never Been Caught
- William Parker & the Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra, Mayor of Punkville

All three of these are swell, and they all were eMusic Dozens picks from the 'celebrity playlists' section, proving that Ira Kaplan has better taste in music than John Darnielle, who think Masta Killah is the most talented Wu-Tang solo artist working today. I'd rather listen to the Mountain Goats than YLT these days, but Masta Killah? Come on, man.

In other extremely disturbing music news, I think I might like Three Dog Night, leaving open the possibility that a zombie Hunter S. Thompson might rise from the grave and beat the shit out of me.