March 14th, 2007



1. Another person whose career I would like to have had, if they didn't beat me to it: Fred Hembeck. (Who, if you can believe it, does not have a Wikipedia entry!)

2. I'm making an Excel spreadsheet of all the potential places I might go during SxSW. Yes, I am exactly that kind of a geek.

3. Remember that fat tax refund I mentioned? Well, I was doing my accounting and budgets on Monday, and I noticed that my checking was $150 light, and I couldn't find anything at all that I might have spent it on. So I was stumped, until I get, yesterday, a notice from the IRS. Petrified that it was an audit notification, I opened it up, and it's a notice that the deposit of my tax refund was $150 short because of back taxes I owed. From 2003. There were no details of any kind, just this notification that they were withholding $150 in back taxes I owed from 2003. I have never before been informed by the IRS that I owed them any back taxes, and it seems kinda odd, given their fearsome reputation, that they would wait four years to tell me that I was in arrears, but that's bureaucracy for you. The other odd thing is that they broke down the numbers (not in the sense of actually informing me why I owed them money, but what the money was for), and it was solely for the amount I allegedly underpaid -- in other words, in four years, they hadn't assessed me a single penny in fines for being delinquent. Not that I'm complaining, mind you; it's just strange. Anyway, there's a number here I'm supposed to call to find out what's what, and that's a endless bureaucratic nightmare I'm not looking forward to let me tell ya.

Speaking of South By Southwest...

...I have a press pass. But the piece I'm doing for the magazine who provided me with the pass is called "SxSW on the Cheap", and my goal is to write about all the things you can do, places you can go, shows you can see, etc., without ponying up $400+ for an access badge. My goal, despite having the pass and a small expense account, is to see and do as much as possible without paying for anything, to advise future budget-stricken music fans how they might do the same. So, really, the press pass is counter the very nature of my purpose, writing-wise.

Which brings up an interesting question: since I don't really need the pass, should I even bring it? I could just give it away (karmic bonus points for nice-guyness!) or I could sell it for less than the face value, since getting even a dollar for it would be pure profit, and I'm sure I can get someone to hand me at least a couple hundred for it ($$$!). The possible downside is that if I do either of these things, I'll have to hope that whoever gets it doesn't make any kind of a ruckus, thus opening up the possibility that word will get back to the magazine and I'll get busted.

technical difficulty

Ad Vice

Say, there, computer people! I need a recommendation. What I'm looking for is database software -- not SQL-type relational database, but FileMaker-type GUI database. And here are my requirements:

1. It has to be available for Mac.

2. It has to be somewhat powerful -- it doesn't have to be some incredibly broadbased, ultra-configurable thing like Crystal, but I want something somewhat robust.

3. It has to be -- and this is important -- free. Or "free", if you catch my drift.

I'm a huge fan of FileMaker; it would be perfect for what I need to do. But no way am I going to pony up $400 for it, and I haven't had any success in getting it via the special magic internet. I've tried Eagle Pro, but it's pretty bare-bones; I'd like something a little more vigorous.

Anyone got any ideas? Recommendations? Has anyone tried the database software that comes with AppleWorks (I have it, but I've never given it a spin)? PLZ ADVZ
wasted AND stoned



Noon-1PM: Noisepop party @ Emo's Annex
1-2PM: The Pippettes @ Emo's Outdoors
2-3PM: Macromantics @ Creekside Lounge
3-4PM: Snake By Snakepit @ the Plasma Center
4-5PM: Pelican @ Club DeVille
5-6PM: Smut Peddlers @ Cheapo Records
6-7PM: The Stooges @ Waterloo Records
7-9PM: relax, eat, get drunk, stop insane rush from one place to another before feet fall off, etc.
9-10PM: The Casting Couch @ Woody's
10PM-?: I Heart Comix Blowout party @ Blue Genie


Noon-4PM: Scion hip-hop show w/Rakim & Ghostface Killah @ Stubb's
4-7PM: Mess with Texas party @ Red 7
7-9PM: Hip-Hop Not Heard on the Radio show @ Barcelona
8-10PM: relax, eat, get drunk, make desperate attempt to file liveblog so I can get paid, etc.
10-11PM: Hella @ Mrs. Bea's
11PM-midnight: try and score weed from local hipsters; hope they aren't narcs in disguise
Midnight-1AM: MC Chris @ 229 E. 2nd Street

Y'all who are gonna be there, you should have my cell number if you wanna hang out; if not, just leave a comment and I'll get it to you.