April 4th, 2007


Sunshine Wednesday

You know, folks, it's not all Sanjaya and baby-eating here at the Skullbucket. I have my good days as well as my bad, and I know that there are wonderful things in our world that keep me from merging my brain matter with a thumb-sized hunk of lead. I celebrate the achievements of my friends, whether it's buying a house, getting a good job, or donning a pith helmet to entertain the children of tourists; and I try to share my own triumphs with you, even though most of mine involve staving off death, sleeping for more than three hours at a time, or perfecting my self-acheived orgasm techniques. And while I don't want to become one of those "365 things to be happy about" desk calendars, I do think it seemly to pick one day of the year, which will be today for no good reason, to celebrate all that is good and pure about our world, whether it's a new pair of shoes, the music of Miles Davis, or the satisfying crack of your enemy's fingerbone. I therefore declare today, April 4, 2007, to be Turn That Frown Upside Down Day, and make the following request: leave a comment detailing something you find unpleasant, depressing, awful, or wrong, and I will show you a silver lining behind that dark cloud.

On the other hand, I realize that many of you, beginning with me, don't like optimist or hope. If that is the case, tell me instead about something good, decent, beautiful and right, and I will tell you why it sucks, as part of Turn That Frown Upside Down Day's sister celebration, Fuck That Clown Let Him Drown Day. Enjoy!