April 5th, 2007

technical difficulty

The Tee Vee

Lost really needs to lay off these Hurley-is-a-lovable-scamp-who-wants-to-make-everyone-happy episodes. They're ruining my enjoyment of a character I used to really like. I did enjoy the return of smog-monster, though, and for once the flashback actually told us something. Plus, next week: SAYID UNLEASHED! Sayid's new job seems to be to glare balefully whenever someone does something obviously stupid, which task, with Locke now gone, now appears to fall to Jack.

And, okay, you know what? It's all well and good for me to hate Sanjaya. If he wins, big deal. I'll stop watching the show and get an hour and a half of my life back. (To watch baseball instead.) But you know who must really hate Sanjaya? The other contestants. They're up their busting their asses to put in a good performance, knowing full well that kid is gonna trot out there and no matter how bad he sucks, he's not even going to end up in the bottom three. It must be like working alongside the boss's incompetent nephew. I'd really like to get in on some fly-on-the-wall moments where a Gina or a Stephanie gets voted off, and there's Sanjaya, having stunk up the joint again, grinning sheepishly while everyone else stares at him, wondering what song he's gonna butcher next, and wondering if they'll be the one to get voted off while he stays in the game. TENSE!
i'm driving!

Speed is the key

I am not a good person. Unlike a lot of other people in similar situations, I will not go to my grave thinking I am a good person who just never got any breaks and was the victim of this or that unfair injustice that kept me from being truly happy and fulfilled. I am a fuckup and a loser and I know it, and starting from there, I try and do what I can to be happy and not make other peoples' lives too miserable. But sometimes I do. Sometimes I do things that hurt people -- even hurt people I care about -- and often I do things that hurt myself. At these times, relentless self-loathing introvert that I am, I ask myself: why did I do that? What's wrong with me? Am I sick? Am I ignorant? Am I simply lacking some quality that lets me understand what I'm doing, or am I just subject to some pathological complex where I know what I'm doing is wrong and I just can't stop myself? Or is it that, in the end, I am evil?

Oddly enough, these are the exact same questions I ask when I am driving, and I get stuck behind someone who is driving at least ten miles per hour under the speed limit.