April 10th, 2007

god bless the internet

Well, it's about motherfucking time.

At long last, a group of upstanding high-minded individuals who totally speak for the decent elements of our society say it's time we took all the fun out of the internet.

I'm not happy about what happened to Kathy Sierra either, but for corn's sake. A "code of conduct"? "Owning your tone"? Excuse me while I go do something interesting instead, and leave these market-driven schmucks to come up with some new rules to live by. No one is more in favor of civility and against pointless hostility than me -- I mean, shit, I write polite letters to all the hate mailers I get -- but I recognize incipient homogenization in the guise of common decency when I see it, especially when it's gussied up in all this marketing talk.

Norbizness has more, should you want it.

Theme Week

For those of you who don't normally tune in to Clown Central Station, my political blog for mocking the jibber-jabber of right-wing rodomonts, I urge you to take a look this week. I'm featuring a very special theme: It's Mrs. Mortimer Week!

For those unfamiliar with the works of Mrs. Favell Lee Mortimer, she was a popular Victorian-era educator who, from 1849 to 1854, wrote a series of guidebooks to various nations of the world for young readers. Despite having left her native England only once in her life (to visit France as a teenager), she found it worthwhile to engage in extremely intemperate stereotyping of everyone from the Spaniards ("cruel, sullen and revengeful") to the Russians ("staggering, reeling drunkards") to the Turks ("grave, silent and rude"). In honor of the virulent generalities with which she brought up generations of imperialists, all my links to conservative blowhardery this week will be behind cuts made of of those ludicrous cultural cliches that, thankfully for places like Town Hall, are still very much with us today.