April 11th, 2007



I suffer so you need not: I have once again transcribed the deranged, inebriated ramblings of Pam "Atlas Shrugs" Oshry, darling of the righty right. This week, a spring-break-crazed Pam sounds off on why she would rather let her daughters die of cancer than risk them being exposed to left-wing indoctrination**. Enjoy!

(Also, for fans of the kind of moral equivalence that the right is comfortable with, naughty girl Michelle Malkin spends all of one sentence condemning Don Imus' grotesque racism before spending the next 15 paragraphs on why black people are the real racists/sexists/oppressors, because of that horrible crazy rap music.)

*: No charge for the Hulk reference.

**: An alert reader tips me to the fact that when Muslims in Africa did much the same thing, except with a better reason, Pam went apeshit and used it as further evidence of the life-hating perfidy of Mahometans.
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Hey, you! Yeah, you, with the thing on your face! Stop playing with your whatnots and riddle me this: are you reading the Screengrab?

"What the fuck is that?" you ask, because you haven't been, you slimy snake. It is the Nerve.com indie film blog, and they pay me to write for them! And if more people read it, the chances are better that they will continue to do so!

It's good stuff if you like movin' pitcher shows, and who doesn't? Why, just this week, I've written about crazy people yelling at each other about Grindhouse, trouble up north as Toronto can't provide enough soundstages for Hollywood demand, the backwards-looking tendencies of experimental cinema, how American critics get fooled by English accents, and a fun new book on the golden age of exploitation flicks by an ex-clarinet player for Coil! Still to come this week, I present a list of my favorite sex scenes containing no actual sex, another list of the good, the bad and the ugly of Alfred Hitchcock remakes, and an essay on one of my favorite Forgotten Films, The Ninth Configuration. WHAT I ASK YOU IS NOT TO LOVE?

There's plenty of other great stuff on the Screengrab not by me: Pazit Cahlon interviews the director of Sacco & Vanzetti, Paul Clark writes about the Ohio 24-hour Science Fiction Marathon, DK Holm talks about this week's hot DVD releases including Twin Peaks season 2, Phil Nugent reviews Jake Kasdan's The TV Set and compares it to the actual upcoming fall season, Faisal Qureshi discusses BBC editing techniques, and editor Bilge Ebiri brings us the best in daily deal reports. Give us an eyeball, why not.