April 20th, 2007



Hello, all!

I am in Seattle for the EMP Pop Conference. Yesterday I:

- Shared a taxi with Simon Reynolds

- Sat six feet away from Jonathan Lethem as he delivered an excellent keynote address, and later got to talk to him about comic books

- Listened to a crazy man in the audience ask Lethem if there was a conspiracy to murder Kurt Cobain

- Drank a whole lot of liquor in a Frank-Geary-designed restaurant with a bunch of rock critics, who truly are the sexiest people on Earth, as long as your definition of "sexy" does not include "attractive" or "socially adept"

- Had dinner and more liquor with hipsterdetritus at an outstanding sushi joint

- Got a room upgrade to a suite with a view of Lake Union and two huge beds, only one of which I will be using, because, you know, rock critic

- Took a bunch of predictable photos of the Space Needle

Today: seminars, seminars, seminars! Also hopefully drinking. And how's your day going?