May 11th, 2007


Lileks Watch, the Final Days...

...or, How Can We Miss You If You Won't Leave?

Day By Day, the right-wing comic strip that never truly gets credit for its awfulness thanks to the existence of Mallard Fillmore, weighs in on the Great Make James Lileks Work For A Living controversy of 2007 with this strip. Spot the punchline -- any punchline -- and win a prize!

Not to be outdone in the "Is this supposed to be funny?" department, Jimbo himself spends his precious final days at the Strib proving how foolish his penny-pinching masters are to let him go by turning in this fall-down-laffin' humor column. TAKE THAT, SWANSON'S! You can see why so many conservatives are up in arms -- if that level of high-larity isn't worth 90 grand a year, what is?