May 22nd, 2007

i don't think so

Never fan a fanboy

I am very busy lately but I just wanted to say that the level of self-delusion manifested in your answers to the fandom question in yesterday's poll was something awful. I know for a fact that my friends list is crammed to the crackers with geeks of every stripe and color, and yet here you all are, saying with a straight keyboard that you are in the game but not of the game. I mean, one of you, and you know who you are brandawg, claims not to be a comics fan, despite HAVING A TATTOO OF SPIDER-MAN! You tell me, honestly.
i'm druuuuunk

Winos Unite!

Hey, drunks: the lovely and talented rum_holiday has a post up at Draining the Glass! The first installment in a series of posts meant to guide you through cheap supermarket wines that won't leave you checking to see if you were in the vinegar aisle instead, this one is well worth reading and a nice break from my drunken cocktail talk, so check it out.

The rest of you who want to contribute, get cracking! This is gonna be fun.