May 23rd, 2007

it's magic

Joy Box

"What's this?"

"Oh, that's my joy box."

"Your what now?"

"My joy box. It's just a place where I keep things that have made me really happy in my life, things that I want to remember."

"It's kind of small."

"Yeah, it's the box my digital camera came in. You know those pictures of the decorated port-a-johns I took?"

"Uh, yeah. You've showed them to me like twenty times."

"Like the one that was made up to look like a Dalek?"

"Yeah, I know."


"I know."

"Well, I really like those pictures. And I took them with my digital camera. So I decided to use the box it came in as my joy box. That's why it has the letter 'J' on it in glitter."

"Can I look in it?"

"Sure! I love to share the joy."

"Okay, this is, what, a poker chip?"

"It's from when I went hiking in Zion National Park."

"You played poker when you were hiking in Utah?"

"No, but you're not supposed to take stuff out of the park, and I didn't want to buy any of the tacky souvenirs, and that was before I got my digital camera, so..."

"So what? You have a chip from, from the Tropicana Casino?"

"It reminds me of the hike."


"Well, it's from Las Vegas. And Nevada is next to Utah, so, there you go."

"What's in here?"

"Toenail clippings."

"Uh, gross. Toenail clippings bring you joy?"

"They're Brad's. He brought me joy."

"Piece of paper with 'knitting!' written on it."

"I like knitting."

"This is just a piece of paper, though."

"None of my knitting stuff is small enough to fit in the joy box."

"Pen cap?"

"That's from the pen that I used to write 'knitting!'."


"I really like knitting."

"Lock of hair."

"Lock of Antonio Banderas' hair."

"To remind you of how much you love Antonio Banderas?"

"To remind me of how I was once able to break into his house, drug him, and steal a lock of his hair without getting busted."
i'm druuuuunk


Hey, thanks to all of you who have contributed to Draining the Glass so far! If you haven't read them yet, there's fine new material up from rum_holiday (on wine) and roninspoon (on bourbon). I'll have a few more up tonight, since I'll be experimenting during the Lost finale, as well.

If you haven't read it, read it!
If you haven't contributed, contribute!
If you have contributed, keep it up and spread the word. Cheers!
life of the mind

Stupid Answers to Snappy Questions

Now that we've gotten all that other nonsense out of the way, let's get back to doing what this blog is best at: using the comments section to definitively answer eternal questions once and for all.

I've prepared a list of verities. Please agree or disagree, stating your arguments, below, so that we can settle these issues for all time.

1. There is a supreme being responsible for the creation of the universe.

2. Good and evil are real things which can be measured to a greater or lesser degree.

3. There is a non-material aspect to our existence, a 'soul' or 'mind' which is capable of transcending physical death.

4. There is a 'best' form of government.

5. Human perfection is possible.

Okay, go! Then when we're done: Utopia, your favorite logical fallacies, and maybe funny hat day.