May 24th, 2007

space geek



1. It is so much like my dreams, it's scary.
2. In a crisis, I would make extremely half-hearted efforts to help people, but in the end I would get frustrated with their inability to follow orders and just let them die so I could get back to killing zombies.
3. The above confirms my long-held suspicion that I am really a fascist at heart.
4. Not since discovering the sniper rifle in Grand Theft Auto III have I enjoyed myself as much as I do decapitating zombies by using rotary saw blades as Frisbees.
5. The above confirsm my long-held suspicion that I am really a psychopath at heart.
6. I still have enough essential decency left to be unpleasantly surprised at the discovery that I am expected to take photos of "erotica" in a mall full of brutally murdered civilians.
7. I am not as irritated with Otis' constant phone calls as many players of "Dead Rising" seem to be.
8. This is probably because Otis wants me to help people, and all I want to do is kill people, so I just never bother answering.
9. Although I do not especially enjoy the 'humiliation' tactics against zombies (dousing them with flour, making them slip on cooking oil, putting masks on them, sticking their heads in buckets, etc.), I do get a huge giggle out of charging them with a beach umbrella so they all cluster up in the corner. I'm sort of hoping that at some point in the game you get access to a bulldozer.
10. Further reflecting my real-world character, my favorite activity after killing zombies is napping on the bench in the security office. Phew!


1. Whose funeral did Future Jack attend? (My guess: Locke's.)

2. Is Future Jack's dad actually alive? (My guess: Probably not; Jack was just too gopped up to remember.)

3. If Naomi's people don't work for Penelope, who do they work for? (My guess: Penelope's father, who's a Dharma bigwig.)

4. Why are the Others still so allergic to just actually telling anyone what's going on? (My guess: Because there are still two seasons to go.)

5. Why on Earth is Jack still the leader, and not the guy who's right about everything and can break a guy's goddamn neck with his feet? (My guess: The Man is always keeping my Arab brothers down.)

6. How does Mikhail keep coming back from the dead? (My guess: He's the most successful Dharma Initiative healing project.)

7. What information did Walt give Locke that changed his mind? (My guess: You got me. The whole Walt mumbo-jumbo is still a mystery to me, and I'm not sure if it's one I want to see solved.)

8. Who was the "he" who was going to wonder where Future Kate was? (My guess: Sawyer.)

9. Why isn't Future Kate in jail? (My guess: No idea. Oceanic Air likely doesn't have the authority to pardon suspected multiple murderers.)

10. Why was this episode so awesome? (My guess: To make up for the 10 or so snore-inducing ones mid-season.)


1. Meh. Could have been worse.
it's a thinker


Okay, next up on our to-do list: Utopias! What's your favorite one from fiction? What historical utopias would you like to have visited? What would yours consist of, and how would it be governed? Where would you found it? What would be its political makeup? What would it be called? Would you be one of the ones who walk away from Omelas? How about these kids today, all gopped up on soma? What's your favorite dystopia? Can you come up with a bunch of retail stores whose names are a play on the word "utopia"? The answers to these and other questions will be discussed in the comments of this amazing episode of...The Skullbucket!