July 3rd, 2007


They hate us for Scooter's freedom

You know, every time I think that Bush and Cheney can't get any more flagrant in their contempt for the political process, their arrogance and abuse of power, their utter disdain for the rule of law and the concept of democracy in general, they up the ante on me. They've got a limitless supply of shameless audacity, and any time the law, the will of the people, the workings of the government, or the limits of decency come between them and something they want to do, they just step right around it and go on about their business.

And we're stuck with a Congress that, due to a combination of helplessness and gutlessness, isn't going to do jack shit about it -- not even an admittedly doomed but symbolic call for impeachment or a movement to censure (which, while only a gesture, is at least a goddamn gesture) -- when the President, whose very assumption to office was a high crime against the state and who hasn't let up in his non-stop shitting all over everything his office is supposed to stand for, decided that he's not even going to wait until the end of his term to make sure that his VP's buddy doesn't spend a day in jail. Fuck you, judge; fuck you, jury; fuck you, laws; fuck you, public. We do what we want, and we don't serve time for it. I'm sure everyone watching this whole shabby affair has lost even the slightest trace of an illusion that our system of justice is impartial.

People seem to think that if there's not black-helmeted men on every streetcorner bashing you with a truncheon every time you dissent, freedom is in no danger. But democracy doesn't disappear overnight, leaving you to wake up to a world of totalitarian rule; democracy disappears gradually, because the country is led by a series of men with an ever-increasing lack of respect for the legal process, the political system and the idea that it matters how you do things. Combine that with a bunch of timeservers more concerned with triangulation than with justice and decency, and that's how you end up in a banana republic, wondering what the hell happened to the country you used to live in. What a proud day for America, and for the office of the president. And right before our birthday, too! Fuck you, America.