July 25th, 2007

god bless the internet

Slayin' the dozens

Yesterday I had the idea to post a dozen entries on LiveJournal. This was an extremely stupid idea, and LiveJournal obligingly threw itself off a cliff so that you would not have to suffer through it. And thank God it did, because frankly, I was running out of ideas.

I was particularly interested in your tales of paying little and charging much on eBay. It confirmed my long-nested suspicions that my Friends list is a crafty lot, and that eBay is a magical device for making free money. However, like happinesstogo, I am far too lazy to take advantage of it, and also, I really have nothing to sell. The only things I own that I think would sell on eBay are things I want to keep, and the one time I had what I thought was a great idea for selling something on eBay, I was informed in all corners that it was highly illegal and that, far from realizing my dream of making a cash killing for almost no effort, what would happen instead is that I would be arrested, or at least roughly sued.

Today is another work day. I was at the office until 7PM last night, which sucked nine varieties of balls, and went home and slipped into a delicious coma. But today: no fooling around. I have much freelancing to do, and an interview with a rock and roll superstar in a couple of hours, as well as all the office stuff. So try not to be too interesting today, although posts about how charming and attractive I am are always welcome.