July 31st, 2007

life of the mind

I love you, science!

Something I learned today (-yay, something I learned to-DAAAAAY-YAY):

There are these things in caves, recently discovered, that hang down from the cave roof and look like stalactites. Only they are alive! Living! Organic! They are actually vast colonies of single-celled bacteria, and they feed off of the run-off of warm water and volcanic sulfur that drips down from above. So basically, they eat -- and secrete -- sulfuric acid, which drips down from them and can burn and kill anything that happens underneath.

And these things, which have a thick, gooey consistency and a yellow/white color, are called...


I am so pleased to know that there exists in the world something that sounds like it came from a collaboration between the Aqua Teen Hunger Force writing staff and Gary Gygax. Hooray for crazy science!