August 23rd, 2007


Notes from a day

* Stringing a crossbow is usually considered a two-man job. But when one of the two men is me, the other man is unnecessary. Also, it is possible to construct a target environment in an urban apartment, but goodness knows what my neighbor thought of the whole ordeal.

* If you live in South Texas, eventually you will notice, "Hm, there are bugs in my car." But if you are like me, you will say, "Hm, there are not enough bugs in my car. How can I make it so there are more?" The quick and easy answer: spill a gallon of soda on the floor. Next thing you know, your whip is Insect Heaven.

* Speaking of bugs, you know, they do not have trainers. They cannot be trained. They have wranglers. Bugs have three moves: run towards something, run away from something, and die. It's a man's life, being a bug.

* It occurred to me that an enjoyable and lucrative activity could be rewriting classic punk rock songs to reflect the reality of its graying fans. For example, Black Flag's "Six Pack" could become "Tall Boy" ("giant second mortgage and a tall boy to my name! TALL BOY!"), and the Dead Kennedys' "Too Drunk to Fuck" would be "Too Tired to Masturbate".

* I continue to be amazed at how much dirt accumulates under my fingernails. I'm an editor and a writer. I'm not a goddamn farmer. I can go days at a time without doing any kind of physical labor (well, other than stringing a crossbow). And yet every time I look at my hands: filth. Filth under the fingernails. Perhaps I am just naturally dirty, being an Arab-American and all.

Tasteful San Antonio: Purchasing Power

A while ago, before I had any money, I signed up for the local Freecycle e-mail list. (Yes, surprisingly, SATX has a Freecycle list.) Now, I don't know what Freecycle is like in other cities, but I have now been on this thing for, like, a year, and I have never -- not even once -- seen something listed on San Antonio Freecycle that I would want to have. In fact, I have never seen anything that anyone would want to have. It's all just junk -- filthy kid's clothes, bust-ass furniture, old magazines.

Today there was a listing for a broken DVD player, in Universal City. Which is a suburb of SATX about 20 miles from downtown. Now, you can go into any department store in America and buy a brand new, working DVD player for $25, $30. And here is someone who is offering a broken one that you have to drive way the hell across town for. And the thing is, I guarantee someone will take it. Who is doing this? Isn't their time worth anything? I honestly don't understand. If it was a WORKING player, it would be one thing, but...