August 24th, 2007

on a steel horse I ride

Ugly Hat

Okay, Texas:

I'll be in Austin from about 11AM tomorrow. Now, I am definitely going to Flugtag. It starts at 5PM and ends about 9PM, so if for some insane reason you don't want to go -- I don't know, maybe you don't like fun -- then let's get together 'fore and aft'. An early lunch would be boss, maybe a game -- Catan? Bowling? Is there bowling? Should I bring Guitar Hero? What? Afterwards can be drinks and whathaveya.

Sunday, depending on how drunk I get and where I end up spending the night (tentatively scheduled: my car), I'm gonna do some shopping, so feel free to join me for that action if you wanna go to IKEA, the Marc Ecko store, or wherever else I end up. But I'm also up for hanging out, havin' lunch, or whatever you have in mind. Let us "shore up" our "plans". Starting...NOW!