September 12th, 2007

aging gracelessly

Folkutations, 1

First of all, go to schtune's LJ, and give him money to ride his bike right up Multiple Sclerosis' asshole. Or go to calamityjon's LJ, and give him money for a sketch, which he will then convert into drugstore vodka, and then borrow against his 401k to give Ben money to ride his bike right up Multiple Sclerosis' asshole. Fuck Multiple Sclerosis, is what I'm getting at here.

Second, and here I warn you that today's entries are going to be really boring and there's gonna be several of them so if you don't like it bail out now because it won't get any better, I have two musical fantasies. The first is to be a bad-ass freestyle MC; this one will never come true because while I have skillz like Bob Willz at writing the rhymes, I am wack like Shelley Hack at actually delivering them. The second is to be the singer in a fucked-up alt-country band that does unusual covers and Holy Modal Rounders-ish takes on old folk songs. This one will never come true because I don't know any like-minded musicians who would want to let me sing with them, and also because it is stupid, but nonetheless, I often find myself rewriting old folk songs with newish lyrics.

I really like doing this, because it's fun, and because it's well in the tradition of old-time folk; no matter what version of a traditional song you encounter, the odds are very good that a lot of the lyrics are "floaters" or "drifters" that have been imported from other folk songs, that the singer just dropped in there because he thought they sounded good or because he forgot the lyrics that he was going to sing. Seriously, try and find two versions of "Nine Pound Hammer" or "Shady Grove" that have the same lyrics, I dare you.

Anyway, today I'm gonna post a couple of old-time songs that I have rewritten in the last year or so. To save this from being utterly boring for you, but not really because I know no one will do it, I encourage you to do the same in comments. Also, if you are a guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, mandolin, accordion, or autoharp player and wish to be involved in a pointless musical project in the south-central Texas area, please write via channels to etc. etc.

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