September 18th, 2007

surprise i'm nuts


And did those feet, in drunken times
Walk upon Holland's bottles green?
And was the awesome Lamb of God
On Georgia's outdoor stages seen?
And did the forty-ounce sublime
Spill forth upon our crowded lips?
And did Shakira shimmy here
Using her dark Satanic hips?

Bring me my beer of burning gold!
Bring me the nachos I desire!
Bring me my Playboy! Spread, unfold!
Bring me my V8 bird of fire!
I will not cease from tag team fight
With my controller in my hand
'Til we have built Jerusalem
In Georgia's belly-shirted land.
mmmmm delicious

Culinary Heresies

- Peanuts should never be sweet.

- Chili does not contain beans. It should barely contain tomatoes.

- It is not possible to use too much garlic. It is entirely possible to use too many hot chilies.

- People who avoid pork are foolish.

- Anchovies are perhaps the most underrated food in modern kitchens.

- Most vinaigrettes get the proportions all wrong. As an addendum, it's a waste of money to buy salad dressings.

- Bread has almost no place in a rich multi-course meal. It's the most overused table item imaginable.

What are your culinary heresies?