September 21st, 2007


Not by the heresy of my chinny-chin-chin

I wanted to make this heresies thing a theme week, but I can't think of any more. johnnylemonhead suggested moral/ethical/religious heresies, but I'm a relativist, so my heresies in that arena consist basically of "anything is okay if enough people decide it is". Fashion heresies? I don't know enough about fashion. Literary heresies wouldn't garner enough comments, and I have a feeling they'd all be pretty tame. Comic book heresies? Too niche, though I might take it over to seebelow. Personal heresies? Too personal. Political heresies? Weirdly, I think this wouldn't fly because most of my FL tends to think alike, politically.

So, sorry about that. I just dunno. Whattya got?

EDIT: Well, don't just suggest themes, you chuckleheads, go ahead on and post your heresies. Get the balls rollin'.