November 21st, 2007

ho ho ho

I wait all year long to use this icon

HEY, CHICAGO PEOPLE! I will be back in my beloved city of big shoulders on Saturday, December 8th for the annual smorgasbord holiday dinner put on by the lovely and talented rum_holiday. I know some of you (like thaitea, doraphilia and picodulce) are probably already going to be there, but there's a few of you (like editrix26, zulkey and rollick) that I'd love to see, if only for a brief moment or two, if you're not otherwise occupied that evening. Hit me up via the usual channels for details.

HEY, EVERYBODY ELSE! The 2007 Kung Fu Christmas mix CD is finally finished, so if you'd like one, drop me a comment. If you've already told me you want one, hit me with a SASE as soon as possible so you can get that shit by Dec. 24th. It's a good one, if I do say so myself, featuring (among others) Kid606, Afroman, Lightnin' Hopkins, Frank Sidebottom, and a bookend of Fishbone songs, among others.

HEY, MY BOSSES! Short day today, who thinks so? Yeah! Let's all go home and drink ciders!