December 20th, 2007

ho ho ho

Acquisitions (Unexpected)

So let me tell you about the greatest thing that has happened since Monday.

My boss (who, as bosses go, is generally pretty great) drew my name in our office Christmas party 'Secret Santa' gift exchange. And she got me -- well, she got me an iTunes gift card, which is fine. A very fine gift, I have nary a complaint about it. But she also got me something else.

She got me...

...a PIMP CUP.

A monogrammed pimp cup.

A monogrammed, homemade pimp cup.


I don't care who you are or what you're doing: you did not, and will not, receive a more awesome gift than this for the holidays this year. You may get something you really, really like, but YOUR BOSS DID NOT GIVE YOU A HAND-CRAFTED PIMP CUP WITH YOUR INITIALS ON IT for Christmas, and that means you are not as cool as me. I mean, for Crissakes, it says BIG PIMPIN' on the side! IN GLITTER! Did your boss get you something that says BIG PIMPIN' on the side in glitter? No! He or she did not! And on the base, also in the blinged-out, thugged-up medium of hobby shop glitter, it says SPENDIN' THE Gs! I mean, come on. I dare you to deny the sheer magnificence of this gift. PIMP CUP!

Also, another of my co-workers gave me a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, so I had a pimp cup and a bottle of my favorite booze sitting in front of me at my desk for half the day. It was pretty hard to concentrate on getting any work done.

In other unexpected acquisition news, I find myself, through an unusual concatenation of events, in possession of two guitars. Unfortunately, I have managed to arrive at this point in my life without ever having developed the ability to play the guitar at all, so I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to do with them. The upside is that they appear to be kinda crappy guitars, so at least I won't be letting a couple of good guitars go to waste.