December 31st, 2007

surprise i'm nuts

What the fuck, life?

How can I be so goddamn busy? It's a holiday weekend! This freelancing thing fucking sucks. If I had a wife and kids, or a girlfriend, or friends, or pets, or any living creatures anywhere on the planet who in any way had an investment in whether or not I lived or died, I would be totally ignoring them right now! Dream job my left nut.

Thank you Jesus Christ for your healing gift of alcohol and drugs.

I made some New Year's resolutions. Maybe later I will tell you what they are.

it's a thinker

Sometimes I feel like a rudderless pile, a long way from Rome


A very small, unfriendly lady with with very small, friendly, children just yelled at me in a parking lot for playing loud and nasty hippety-rap music.

OR IS HE 72?

I am about to drink a beer before noon on a Monday. I didn't sleep last night and I may not sleep tonight.

In other news, Local News is a book by Diane Keaton, an actress I do not like. In fact, the book is "by" her in the sense that my comic book collection is "by" me: it's a compilation of tabloid photos from Los Angeles newspapers she collected from childhood. I'm a sucker for noir-age photographs, so this brings up to two the number of things Diane Keaton has done that I have enjoyed. It is published by Lookout Books, which, if I were a marketing person, I would advertise by illustrating a bunch of yahoos cowering in fear a la a 1950s monster movie one-sheet, and the lead yahoo would be yelling "LOOK OUT! BOOKS!"

The end of this entry.