February 19th, 2008

best friends (thanks erindubitably!)

In other news

I have been unspeakably busy at work lately, then lots of freelancing and other writing, and then -- AND THEN -- various other things. So you can see what a bunch of no-updating from me.

But! (t!)

My favorite friend, ex-roommate and all-around super gal thaitea came to visit me over the weekend. It is a testament to the power of our friendship, because she is the only person ever to visit me since I moved to San Antonio. In fact, she is the first person other than me ever to set foot in my apartment, which is so pathetic I'm going to go kill myself. But before I do, some things we did during her visit:

- Talked. Blah blah cats politics blah art culture blah job Texas blah snow blah. I'm a man who likes to talk to a gal who likes to talk!

- Ate. Out: at Picante Grill (where I had this goddamn unbelievable puerco verde); at Tong's Thai (SATX's only vendor of bubble tea that I know of); at Jim's Cafe (FLAP STACKERS!); at Thousand Oaks Diner (meat); and, during a side trip to Austin, at the world famous Salt Lick BBQ, way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere.

- Watched. There Will Be Blood and Persepolis, both fantastic films in their own right -- cementing for me the belief that for once, the hype is justified: 2007 really was an incredibly year for movies. Reruns of Heroes. YouTube. And Hank Sugarman's Around the House. YIPPITY YO!

- Bought. Books, clothes, beads. Shopped at Half Price Books, Eisenhauer Flea Market, H.E. Butt, and other fine purveyors of consumer whatnots.

- Saw. The Alamo, a couple of parks, the city of Austin and three of its finest denizens (oilyrags, scottvond, and thehighhat, whose wife and kiddies also significantly brightened our day out).

Other things were eaten, watched, seen, bought and/or talked about, but mostly it was just nice to see my friend again. I miss her, my cats, and my city of Chicago very much, and I'm very grateful she came down to say hi.

Next: pulp.