March 31st, 2008

on a steel horse I ride

Tasteful San Antonio: The Fashioning

So I was walkin' to the bank* today, and I see this brother walking on tother side of the street and here is the steez he is rocking:

1. Tims.

2. New York Giants pajama bottoms.

3. Black dress slacks cut off above the knee.

4. A khaki gas-station-attendant-style shirt.

5. A Santa Claus hat, only in black.

PICTURE THAT, if you dare. Also, when I first moved here, I was flipped by the number of times I saw the slacks-dress shirt-tie-and-hunting jacket ensemble, but now it's become so commonplace that I think it must be some kind of God damn municipal derangement...

I am assuming that the reason there is not more love for this thing is that you are all rendered paralytic by hilarity.

*: Hey, you know those assholes who start complaining about their taxes the very first time they make any actual money? YES! I AM NOW THAT ASSHOLE! Not that I'm gonna let it become my guiding philosophy like some political parties I could mention, but I actually caught myself having damn-Feds-get-off-my-lawn thoughts when I pressed 'send' on my return yestiddy. And now I'm even more pissed than ever at this stupid war! Fuck.