June 4th, 2008

he's just a stereotype

Tops at the Loew's Xiangtan ChinaPlex, week of 06/02/2008

#1. Please Join Me and My Promiscuous Friends for Overconsumption of Cranberried Spirits (元56.8)
#2. Running Dog Archaeologist Exploits Natives In Futile Resistance of the Heroic Soviet (元44.8)
#3. Masked Recidivists Have Ruined My Vacation! (元21.1)
#4. Let Us Fervently Wish For the Demise of the Vile Armored War Profiteer (元13.5)
#5. Banish the Long-Discredited Religious Dogmatist from His Propped-Up, Dying Aristocracy (元12.7)
#6. I Wish to Wed Amongst Gamblers and Prostitutes So Kindly Facilitate My Shame (元6.6)
#7. Mighty Car-Racing Hero of Greatness: The Moving Picture Film (元2.26)
#8. Decadent and Degenerate Practices of the Selfish Bourgeoise Has Resulted in Gender Confusion (元1.9)