June 6th, 2008

bending the strings


Some people accuse me of having become calcified in my listening habits. Nothing could be further from the truth and as evidence, I submit to you ten of my current favorite albums, which I believe demonstrate the incredible diversity of music I listen to in a wide range of genres.

1. Never Mind the Bollocks, Here Come the Warm Jets (ambient punk)

2. Ghetto Music: From the Blueprint of Big Pink (folk-hop)

3. Yessongs About Fucking (noise prog)

4. 3 Feet High and Rising Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (Daisy glam)

5. Crazy Rhythm Nation 1814 (jangledance)

6. It Takes a Nation of Bee Thousands To Hold Us Back (alt-revolution)

7. Raw Powerman vs. the Moneygoround (chamber garage)

8. Reign in Blood on the Tracks (thrashmericana)

9. Metal Bone Machine Music (experimental cabaret)

10. Excitable Boy in da Corner (singer/song-grimer)

And how about you, small minority of readers who get the joke? What new genres of music are you listening to?